CDN Deathmatch

5:00 PM -- Here's a look at today's CDN-packed news from Contentinople:

  • Ryan Lawler scoops VeriSign's plans to spin off its CDN business, Kontiki. The official announcement will be out on Monday, indiscreet employees notwithstanding.

  • In our videographic Blip.tv love-fest: Ladies' man (and Blip.tv CEO) Mike Hudack gushes about Adobe Media Player's view-tracking; BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker dishes on P2P; EdgeCast CEO James Segil explains CDNs and talks about his firm's place in the marketplace (using an airline metaphor); and Panther Express founder Dwight Merriman places his bets on HTTP and refuses to talk trash about his ex, DoubleClick.

  • Sony Pictures Entertainment goes green in its data center energy consumption by signing up for 365 Main's reusable energy program. Sony's computer center will now be powered by the five elements: wind, water, sun, earth, and garbage.

And around the corner in News Bits, DRM takes a blow with the EFF's condemnation of Microsoft's discontinued MSN Music Service. Also, Warner Bros. beefs up global VOD, the BBC launches iPlayer on Virgin, and Scarlett Johanssen releases a video from her soon-to-be-released album.

— The Staff, Contentinople

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