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Cable network spending a mixed bag in Q3 – Dell'Oro Group

Revenues in the cable concentrator market dipped year-over-year in Q3 2021, but accelerated on a sequential basis as operators bulked up on network hardware and deployed capacity-enhancing node splits.

Harmonic adds Rogers as another CableOS win

Canadian cable op will tap Harmonic's virtual CCAP and DAA gear as part of a plan to support multi-gigabit services, shift to an all-IP services platform, and cut a 'clear path to DOCSIS 4.0.'

CommScope gears up for XGS-PON

DOCSIS and advanced HFC technologies will remain key areas for CommScope, but the vendor is set to launch a new XGS-PON platform in the coming months amid a broader, companywide transformation initiative.

Falcon V connects with Liberty Global and Charter on 'open' DAA

Fresh funding will help fuel development of an open approach for a distributed access architecture that appears to draw some parallels to the technology connection forged between Comcast and Harmonic.

Casa Systems flexes its MAC

Billed as a pathway to the future '10G' network, supplier says its new Flexible MAC Architecture (FMA) platform is in trials with tier 1 operators in multiple regions.

Vecima's DAA biz expands as supply chain challenges loom

Sales of 'Entra' DAA products reached a record in Vecima's fiscal Q1, and would've been even higher if not for delays in schedules and delivery times.

Supply chain constraints catch up to Casa Systems

Vendor says its cable network access business has been hit the hardest by a shortage of certain components, exacerbated by a 'decommit' by some suppliers, that has pushed lead times out to a year or more.

Harmonic 'CableOS' deployments near 4M modems

Supplier claims its virtual CCAP has been deployed by 68 carriers worldwide at the end of Q3 2021, up from 62 at the end of the prior period.

CommScope takes partnership path to DOCSIS 4.0

CommScope and a pair of partners are developing chipsets and a network architecture for DOCSIS 4.0 that aims to expand the ecosystem for vendors and MSOs. It should also prevent Broadcom from cornering the market.

Vecima leaps into cable's 'GAP'

The supplier said the Entra EN9000, a node based on SCTE standards for the Generic Access Platform (GAP), will be available for lab tests in the first half of 2022. Expect Charter to be among the first in line.

Comcast could spark FDX Amplifier trials in 2022, deployments in 2023

The rise of this new class of product will put Comcast in position to deploy upstream-boosting Full Duplex DOCSIS technology to a large portion of its HFC network.

Comcast forges 'network to modem' DOCSIS 4.0 connection

Cable op claims another '10G' milestone with Full Duplex DOCSIS (FDX) live lab trial that linked its virtual cable modem termination system to DOCSIS cable modems configured to operate in the FDX spectrum band.

DOCSIS 4.0 puzzle starting to come together

Suppliers are making rapid process with network and CPE elements that will support the Extended Spectrum DOCSIS flavor of DOCSIS 4.0, Cox's Jeff Finkelstein says.

Remote MACPHY gaining steam with cable ops, CommScope says

Recent deployment deal with Alaska's GCI is indicative of a trend that is seeing cable operators shift more attention to remote MACPHY in their distributed access architecture (DAA) rollouts, CommScope's Tom Cloonan says.

Comcast 'making a lot of good progress' with DOCSIS 4.0

Integration is a big near-term focus, but Comcast's virtual CMTS now 'speaks' DOCSIS 4.0, and the MSO is also pushing ahead with deployments of a distributed access architecture, says Comcast's Rob Howald.

Harmonic: Let's put the MAC here, there... anywhere

Vendor says its 'MAC Anywhere' play fits with CableLabs' new Flexible MAC Architecture (FMA), and also opens the door to potential integrations with third-party cable network hardware suppliers.

Vecima touts 'breakout year' as DAA deployments start to flourish

Video and broadband tech supplier posts best fiscal year in its 33-year history as cable operators start to make progress with next-gen network projects.

Cable access market rises as broadband CPE biz struggles in Q2 – Dell'Oro

Node splits and an increase of DAA node purchases fueled a rise in cable access network revenues in Q2, but supply chain constraints contributed to another down quarter for broadband customer premises equipment.

CommScope extends finish line for Home Networks spin-off

CommScope now expects to complete the spin-off of Home Networks, the unit that makes set-tops and gateways, into a separate, publicly traded company in Q2 2022 – roughly a quarter later than originally expected.

Harmonic poised to pass Cisco in CMTS market share, CEO says

Fueled by expanding deployments of its cloud native 'CableOS' platform, Harmonic believes it will soon only trail CommScope in the CMTS market.

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