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DAA's benefits outweigh the challenges – panel

Transporting video services over new distributed access architectures present some hurdles for cable ops, but the resulting jump in network performance and economic advantages could make the move worth pursuing.

CableLabs continues to court coherent optics

Organization has wrapped the specs for a 'Coherent Termination Device' that will help cable operators to mine more capacity out of the limited fibers available between the headend or hub and the fiber node.

Sweden's Tele2 creates new deployment model for remote PHY

Looking well beyond organic network capacity needs, Tele2 has developed a data-driven model fueled by other factors, including profitability, competition and risk assessment that help to justify where and when to deploy.

New CableLabs specs to drive access network optionality

Flexible Mac Architecture (FMA) will give operators the ability to stick with HFC and upgrade to DOCSIS 4.0, or pull fiber all the way to the home, and make those decisions on a granular, market-driven basis.

Cable access market rises on back of new hardware deployments – Dell'Oro

Deployments of distributed access architecture (DAA) equipment are also showing signs of life, but suppliers of DOCSIS CPE could be in for more pain as chip shortages persist.

CNG Europe Preview: From Dodgy to DOCSIS

Alan Breznick and Tien Fu share bad British humor as they prep for LR's upcoming Cable Next-Gen Europe digital symposium on June 22 and 24.

There are many paths to the promised land of '10G'

Operators have multiple tech options, including HFC, PON and even wireless, to achieve the capacity, low latency and security goals of the cable industry's 10G initiative, execs at the Anga Com event say.

Liberty Global DAA rollout plots path to 10-Gig

The European cable operator is preparing for widespread deployments of a distributed access architecture using a compact node from Vector Technologies paired with a remote PHY module developed by Vecima.

CommScope takes another step toward DOCSIS 4.0

Supplier says a new, flexible distributed access architecture (DAA) product, which could play a role in future DOCSIS 4.0 networks, is ready for field deployments.

Harmonic grapples with supply chain constraints

Expected short-term issue is driving up costs and lowering margins for cable access gear, but not enough to alter Harmonic's revenue forecast for 2021.

Cable upstream channel purchases almost doubled in Q4 2020 – Dell'Oro

The surge reflects rising activity around 'mid-split' and 'high-split' upgrades, but it does not necessarily mean that such upgrades are going gangbusters yet, says analyst Jeff Heynen.

Why Remote MACPHY makes sense in APAC

SPONSORED: As service providers in the Asia-Pacific region seek to ramp up capacity to meet traffic surges during the COVID-19 pandemic, they should consider upgrading their networks to a remote MACPHY architecture.

Vecima scoops up ATX's 'GAP' node tech

Aim is to accelerate the development of the Generic Access Platform, an emerging node standard for HFC networks that can slot in service modules for DOCSIS, PON, mobile/wireless and, potentially, edge compute.

Wireless speeds into the lead at Casa Systems

Some 42% of Q4 revenues came from Casa's wireless business, outpacing its legacy cable business and its budding telco wireline business.

CommScope to evaluate its full portfolio of products and businesses

Evaluation ties into 'CommScope Next,' a broader initiative kicked off in January under new CEO Chuck Treadway.

Vecima sees DAA sales perk up

A sizable chunk of the Vecima's Entra-brand distributed access architecture products came way of the company's recent acquisition of Nokia's cable access business.

Harmonic 'CableOS' rollouts rise to 44 customers, 2.6M cable modems

Vendor says pace of rollouts is picking up, but current deployments represent just 5% of the cable modems served by its initial customers.

Cisco broadband CTO broadens his scope

John Chapman's focus has extended to PON, 5G and fixed wireless, but he'll 'always be a cable guy at heart.'

Cisco folds cable access into mobility unit

Merging of the units follows Cisco's recent exit from the cable amplifier business and the slow migration by operators toward network and service convergence.

US cable network peak usage is surging again

Following a summer of stability, upstream and downstream traffic has been rising steadily in recent weeks. Cable operator network spending in Q3 indicates that MSOs were preparing for this latest surge.

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