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EU Group Demos Hierarchical SDN Controller with Sedona

RAMAT GAN, Israel -- Sedona Systems, the global leader in multilayer network automation and control, today announced the successful completion of a joint research project demonstrating advanced SDN-based dynamic multi-layer application-aware orchestration use cases. The multi-year project was conducted by an H2020 EU consortium called ACINO (Application-Centric IP/Optical Network Orchestration), a partnership of Sedona, Telefonica, ADVA, CREATE-NET, Acreo, and AIT.

The primary aim of the project was to develop and demonstrate a modular, open-source IP/optical control solution that is aware of the individual needs of the services in the network, enabling advanced intent-based service provisioning, multi-layer restoration and optimization between IP/MPLS and optical layers, while respecting service constraints. The hierarchical controller was built by leveraging the open source controller ONOS, as well as an open source planning tool, Net2Plan. TAPI, a standard interface, was used with the ADVA optical controller. The capabilities of the hierarchical controller were demonstrated in Telefonica’s lab over a testbed of ADVA optical gear and Juniper routers, using ADVA and Juniper controllers. This is the first-ever demonstration of such service-aware automation.

“Automation and optimization of network functions, while being aware of service needs is key in the service provider network architecture. Such capabilities are needed for service providers to stay competitive” said Victor Lopez, Technology Expert at Telefonica. “I’m very pleased with ACINO’s demonstrations that have proven that this is possible in a realistic network setup.”

“ACINO advanced the state-of-the-art for network automation by quite a bit. Instead of focusing on improving the ability of the network to support traffic loads, it focused on ensuring all services get what they need from the network. This requires the building blocks we are deploying in production networks today,” said Ori Gerstel, Founder and CTO at Sedona. “Sedona’s independence in the realm of network vendors allows the company to completely align with the service provider, allowing our customers new opportunities to break free of vendor and technological lock-in and enjoy the benefits of a central, automatic control platform.”

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