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Plexxi's New Network Fabric Offers Per-Workload Security, Features

NASHUA, N.H. - Plexxi, a pioneer of the application-defined network, announced today the introduction of Plexxi Connect 2.0 and Plexxi Control 2.4. The two new software releases enable the industry’s first network fabric to deliver per-workload segmentation, security, optimization and visualization for private cloud or enteprise, and public cloud, or service provider, data centers.

These new capabilities eliminate the limitations of conventional designs where costly and complex parallel networks are built to ensure adequate performance and service quality for different applications and workloads.

Cloud Builders focused on building next generation application defined data centers are leveraging CI and HCIS advancements to cost-effectively support a diverse set of applications and workloads. A fully converged multipurpose data center requires a network that is automated, secure and provides visibility to the workload level.

“Aligned has created the first utility model for infrastructure aimed at providing cloud players infrastructure that is as elastic as next generation compute and storage,” said Aligned Energy CEO Jakob Carnemark. “Plexxi’s network solution provides the application responsive network layer. Together, we can deliver the first true software defined data center infrastructure.”

Plexxi’s Cloud Building tools (including Plexxi Switch, Plexxi Control 2.4 and Plexxi Connect 2.0) deliver deep integration at the hardware, hypervisor and management levels providing workload awareness and workflow automation.

What’s included:

  • Open application integration – Plexxi Connect 2.0 Open Integration Platform now features integration packs to transparently automate network response to compute / storage operations. Integrations currently include VMware vCenter, Nutanix Prism and Hortonworks Ambari.
  • Per-workload visualization – Through Plexxi Control 2.4 software, data centers can now, for the very first time, visualize and track where and how traffic (per-workload) is being distributed across the network fabric
  • Per-workload segmentation – Plexxi Control leverages unique paths across the Plexxi Switch network fabric to distribute traffic load and better utilize the available pool of network capacity
  • Per-workload security – Plexxi Control physically and logically isolates traffic across the fabric protecting assets and services as well as providing traffic service chaining to existing security tools (firewalls, deep packet inspections, IDS/IPS, etc.)
  • Per-workload optimization – Plexxi Control understands the performance, latency and capacity requirements of individual application workloads and delivers real-time fabric elasticity (scaling up or down) to guarantee application-level service level agreements (SLAs)

    “Converged and hyperconverged benefits are becoming much clearer and moving into the forefront of data center design,” said Rich Napolitano, Plexxi’s CEO. “Cloud Builders recognize that optimizing these next generation data center investments is critical and can only be achieved by moving to a new type of network infrastructure that is agile, automated and focused on applications versus components.”


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