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OVH Taps Nuage for SDN

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Nuage Networks, the Alcatel-Lucent venture focused on software-defined networking (SDN), today announced that OVH has selected the Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) for deployment within and across its datacenters in Europe and in Canada in order to enable dedicated cloud services for their customers.

The OVH Group has expertise and infrastructure over 15 subsidiaries and 17 datacenters worldwide.

OVH chose to implement the Nuage Networks VSP to deliver an “OpenStack as a Service” offering, through which its customers can access dedicated Cloud Computing infrastructure by using OpenStack and Nuage Networks to define optimal resources and benefit from a better performing, more programmable, and operationally efficient infrastructure-as-a-service(IaaS) environment.

“The Nuage Networks SDN technology allows us to offer our customers cloud services in a more dynamic way, giving them the capability to reduce their time-to-market with a programmable and automated networking environment,” said Octave Klaba, CEO and founder of OVH.

Benefits include:

Service provisioning speed and agility: Establishing network connectivity becomes as easy and instantaneous as creating a virtual machine (VM). Unlike traditional networks that are highly configuration-driven and manual, Nuage Networks allows an OVH customer’s network connectivity to follow seamlessly and immediately according to their pre-defined policies.

Control: The Nuage Networks SDN solution provides a common policy framework through which OVH can give their customers full control and visibility of its infrastructure, while ensuring that their performance guidelines are met.

Network flexibility and holistic management: Nuage Networks allows OVH to eliminate traditional datacenter networking restrictions and seamlessly evolve to new network configurations that better support their customer needs and deployment scenarios.

Lowered expenditures: Through a dramatically more operationally efficient approach, by making optimal use of datacenter assets, and by reducing dependencies on proprietary hardware and dedicated appliances, OVH also expects to realize significant economic benefits.

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