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OpenDaylight Summit in Pics: Behold, the Beard Is Resplendent

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- The OpenDaylight Summit was a delightful and educational experience for learning about SDN, OpenDaylight and open source networking.

Alas, "delightful" is not the word I'd use for my hotel room.

I was not able to get a room at the conference hotel, and so I stayed down the road.

It wasn't the worst hotel I've stayed at while traveling on a business trip. That was Circus Circus in Las Vegas. The room smelled like poop and the walls were decorated with paintings of giant clowns. Nobody wants giant clowns watching them sleep in a room that smells like poop.

But even in a business travel career distinguished by many substandard accommodations, my hotel for this conference stands out. So herewith a slideshow of highlights of the conference (which was really great) and petty complaints about my hotel.

Resplendent Beard
Theo Buchinskas, with the conference production crew, had a resplendent beard.
Theo Buchinskas, with the conference production crew, had a resplendent beard.

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msilbey 8/9/2015 | 12:04:54 PM
Also, hotel... I've never stayed at Circus Circus. But I did shack up a few times at the Riviera in Vegas. They're finally blowing the place up. About a decade after it deserved to be demolished...
msilbey 8/9/2015 | 12:02:49 PM
BUFFY!!!!! OMG. Now if only there was an SSID labeled Hell Mouth.
Mitch Wagner 8/5/2015 | 10:40:37 AM
Re: really "nice" hotel Hi, susanrey! Yes, the clowns were TERRIFYING. You can learn more about the trip by following the links on the first page of the slideshow. Thanks!
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