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Huawei Demos Open Network Hypervisor

SHENZHEN, China -- Huawei has successfully demonstrated its Open Network Hypervisor (OpenNH) solution during the Open Networking Summit 2015 in California.

The OpenNH is a Software-defined Networking (SDN)-based independent tenant virtual network solution which supports operators with accelerating service deployment, providing innovative open networks and enhancing secure separation between tenants, and reducing operation costs. If the solution is commercially used in the future, it will bring new business opportunities for network operators, data centers, and virtual operators.

As 4G evolves into 5G, the number of network users will increase sharply, particularly as more people leverage the Internet of Things. During this transition, operators will encounter a complex operating environment. To meet the demands from cloud computing and virtualized technology concepts, the Huawei OpenNH provides a physical network resource sharing capability for the next-generation open virtualized platform. The solution is the future for operator wireless service, because of its flexibility and support for wireless network virtual operations.

Through separating control and operations via the SDN controller, traffic scheduling and quality of service demands from wireless services can be met. Virtualizing network nodes and splitting the physical network based on tenants' needs, creates a number of concurrent virtual networks which, for tenants, gives the effect of controlling their own physical network through forwarding nodes, links, and customer controls. Using the OpenNH, tenants also have the ability to schedule traffic and monitor the statistic of the virtual network via their controllers, making tenant network independency a reality.

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