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Business Value Trumps Moving Bits for Virtual Networks

I'm here at the Open Networking Summit in beautiful Santa Clara California where all the talk is about SDN. I've come this morning from some terrific panels with companies like ATNT, NTT, facebook, Microsoft and Alibaba that are leading the push towards virtual network SDN and we're seeing more changes in the industries this year that are really exciting.companies are more concerned now about business value than they're about pure technology they're no longer interested in bits and bytes so much as they're in interested on how they can drive value to customers and increase revenue this involves making several changes, many of them are cultural, the cultural changes we're hearing are more difficult than changes, it involves things that are very familiar with people who've been reading, like reading closely having to do with merging the data center thinking with the network operations thinking.

Also we're hearing from these companies like ATNT and NTT are having to transform themselves to become more friendly to open source and more friendly to start- ups. So this is a very exiting time for software to find networking and it's only the beginning of the conference here so I'm looking to find out a lot more as the conference progresses.

At the recent Open Networking Summit, carriers described how they're focused on increasing revenue rather than just improving technology. This requires cultural changes, which can be more difficult than technology changes.

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