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AT&T Expands Network on Demand to 100 Cities

DALLAS -- AT&T is making it easier than ever for businesses to manage their network services in near real time. The company’s switched Ethernet service with Network on Demand is now available in more than 100 U.S. cities.

Network on Demand is the first U.S. networking solution of its kind. With Network on Demand, businesses can easily order more ports, instantly add or change services, scale bandwidth to meet their changing needs and manage their network in near real time. They can do all of this online. Customers are able to plan and react to business changes quickly and with ease; in fact, what once took weeks can now be completed in just a few minutes. Benefits include:

  • Speed – order service significantly faster and change it in near real time
  • Simplicity – order and manage service through the user-friendly AT&T Business Center web portal
  • Flexibility – scale service up or down as needed
  • Reliability – enjoy the reliability and security from the AT&T network

AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T)

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