SDN architectures

Verizon's Call for SDN Help

What would it really mean to push software-defined networking to the optical layer? Sterling Perrin & Craig Matsumoto discuss

Telco 6/4/2013 | 5:39:33 PM
re: Verizon's Call for SDN Help I am seeing a minimum of 3 major decision points for network operators to incorporate NFV/SDN The agnostic Controller could handle two of the points. 1 Decision is can you apply an application such as mobile operator have when they use the early entrants such as F5. Another decision is can you use the new class of Controllers to configure virtualization to support the application switching/routing across existng platforms to support the applications base routing you desire. Then finally, is SDN on- or -off for a network strategy because a) the network is new or being rebuilt (as was the case for 3 clients last winter) of 2) not proceeding because the existing platform support enough intelligent routing..
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