SDN architectures

The Next-Gen Network Disconnect

There's a lot of talk about making networks more simple with SDN, NFV and next-gen broadband technology – but what about the complexity of introducing such capabilities?

IPGambit 11/3/2014 | 12:52:40 AM
Re: Start small with open tech. @pcharles09,

This is where we as an industry have to think differently.  Where the technology is lowering the barriers to entry, many companies can look at the telecoms industry as just another vertical where the value comes from brand and customer experience.  By starting small inside a much larger company, it's possible to build a future platform that drives incremental revenues.  Once that platform has been built, then it can be scaled.  At the moment, we seem to worry about how to scale for an end state, rather than how to get started and make money.
pcharles09 10/30/2014 | 11:12:25 PM
Re: Start small with open tech. @IPGambit,

When you're small, thinking about such things & acting on them is easy & usually quick.

Once you grow to a certain point, it's all about $$$, therefore the strategies implemented may or may no make a lot of sense to consumers.
IPGambit 10/30/2014 | 8:41:45 PM
Start small with open tech. It's clear that there is a lot of organisational structure and systems build over the last few decades on which Telecom's operators run their business.  But things are changing, and sometimes the baggage just has to be left at the door, but how to do this?  Why not start small, agile teams that innovate fast and are lead by the market?  The nature of the industry is to think big and build big, those days are over, capital is tight, requirements change regularly, and cosumerism of technology means that end users want things faster than ever before.  Cloud Providers have lead the way in demonstrating that you can start small and rapidly grow using Open source technologies and agile methods, limited capital down and client focussed products and services.  Maybe this si where to start, a change in thinking, and an opportunity for Telecom's to start moving without risking everything and learning from the market.
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