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Cyan's SDN Orbit Pulls in Pica8

Cyan has a new software-defined networking partner in its Blue Orbit. Pica8, which builds open switch operating software for datacenters, has joined the vendor's Blue Orbit SDN ecosystem, which is designed to encourage interoperability among all the different pieces of the SDN ecosystem.

Pica8 Inc. is the first new company to join Blue Orbit since Cyan Inc. launched the ecosystem effort with seven initial partners in June. Cyan said more new partners will be joining Blue Orbit next month.

Pica8's involvement in particular was driven by the needs of a specific customer. Cyan and Pica8 now have that customer (which they did not name) in trial mode. "The trial application is showing you can spin up virtual machines from both network resources and datacenter resources from an enterprise across the WAN or MAN," Cyan CMO Joe Cumello told us.

Steve Garrison, Pica8's vice president of marketing, told us, "The goal with SDN is to have a much more provisionable system for the end user, but it gets very complex when you look under the hood."

Why this matters
It's important for a new ecosystem effort to show its relevance quickly by adding members outside its founding group. What's even more significant in this pairing is that Cyan and Pica8 are coming together around the needs of a specific customer.

For SDN to succeed inside and outside the datacenter, network operators and datacenter-owning content providers need to be assured the implementations they have in mind will work. Ecosystems and other collaboration efforts ensure not only that these implementations can be done, but also that more vendors can get a piece of the deployment action, because it will be understood they can interoperate with other vendors.

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MarkC73 8/28/2013 | 2:46:06 AM
Re: Customers are always the best matchmakers Any guesses who that customer is?  Ie. the trigger man.  I feel like I should throw rice.
Carol Wilson 8/26/2013 | 5:16:04 PM
Customers are always the best matchmakers Nothing brings companies to the partner altar faster than a customer with a shotgun shaped like a dollar sign. 
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