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Big Switch Previews App-Aware SDN Cloud Fabric

NEW YORK -- Big Switch Networks is previewing an application-aware, Unified Physical+Virtual (P+V) SDN switching fabric at the Open Networking Users Group Conference hosted by JP Morgan this week. Five demos preview upcoming releases from Big Switch due out next year, and show a unified P+V SDN software stack spanning a fabric of bare metal (physical) and hypervisor (virtual) switches, driven by OpenStack for application awareness.

In contrast with overlay/underlay SDN architectures, Unified P+V SDN designs deliver end-to-end automation for massive operational simplification and end-to-end traffic visibility for troubleshooting, and are compatible with today’s L4-L7 services. By removing barriers across application, network and security teams, application-aware SDN fabrics can dramatically speed up application deployment. Combining a Unified P+V SDN controller, bare metal switch hardware and OpenStack automation puts network CapEx and OpEx levels comparable to Amazon EC2 within reach for a broad range of enterprises and cloud providers.

Big Switch Networks

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