SDN architectures

Adara to Release Open-Source SDN Controller

SAN JOSE, Calif.-- ADARA Networks, a global software company in the software defined networking space, will release an open source controller, called SKY, to the market. ADARA made this announcement to coincide with a demonstration of select capabilities of its Software Defined Networking (SDN) product offering at Open Networking Summit 2013 in Santa Clara on April 15-17. The Open Networking Summit is the only nonprofit conference dedicated to accelerating the future of SDN technologies. "ADARA is very excited to announce its intent to release an industry first; a production quality open source controller," said Eric Johnson, Chairman and CEO of ADARA Networks. "The controllers currently available are either "free-ware" or "for-purchase." Current "free-ware" open source controllers are not production quality and the "for-purchase" controllers are limited, having been created for highly proprietary platforms as a way to lift declining sales of legacy infrastructure products; both of these are contrary to the intent of SDN." Adara Networks

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