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Adara Takes SDN to Android Devices

SAN JOSE -- ADARA Networks, a global software company in the software defined networking space, will release Polaris, which integrates end user devices into an actively managed Software Defined Networking (SDN) architecture. This industry first will work as an application downloadable for all devices using any version of the Android Operating System; it will not require any changes to the Operating System or hardware and will work on any manufacturer's device. This announcement coincides with a demonstration of select capabilities of ADARA's SDN product offering at Open Networking Summit 2013 in Santa Clara on April 15-17. The Open Networking Summit is the only nonprofit conference dedicated to accelerating the future of SDN technologies. "ADARA sees Open Networking Summit 2013 as the right venue to announce an industry first, a product suite that integrates an end user device actively into the managed SDN architecture. For many of the same reasons data centers seek to use SDN to enable applications on servers to interact directly with the network, there is a huge benefit in enabling clients with lightweight applications on mobile devices to interact directly with their own home routers or their service providers infrastructure," said Eric Johnson, Chairman and CEO of ADARA Networks. "Polaris enables SDN to be deployed at the extreme edge of the network and it enables SDN that is truly end-to-end, making it leaps ahead in capability." "The Polaris product suite delivers enhanced performance for end users in the Consumer and Small Office Home Office (SOHO) market, as well as significant economic benefits' for carriers. One of the direct benefits of Polaris is increased performance for all end user devices while lessening loads on service providers of all types. This additionally increases support for Bring Your Own Device/Service/Behavior (BYOD/SB), an increasing required capability in daily personal and professional life. This is incredibly significant as there are a few million servers, routers and switches sold annually but the numbers of mobile devices are in the billions. It is also important because ADARA SDN is natively designed to be dynamic, easy to use, secure and deliver high performance, which are the most critical elements for a market that is increasingly dependent upon wireless," said Johnson. Adara Networks

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