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Transmode Unveils SDN Strategy

STOCKHOLM -- Transmode, a global supplier of packet-optical networking solutions, today announced the company’s evolutionary SDN strategy for packet-optical transport networks with product availability starting in December 2013.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are currently two of the most hotly discussed topics within the telecoms industry and they have the potential to bring great advantages to network operators of all sizes.

Transmode’s Chief Technology Officer, Sten Nordell, commented, “With all the industry excitement around SDN and NFV we decided to take our time before adding our voice to the many that are already preaching the virtues of this new approach to network control. This has allowed us to develop a strategy and roadmap that we believe is highly suited to SDN for transport networks and that allows our large customer base to migrate to an SDN-enabled environment in a simple and controlled step-by-step approach.”

Transmode’s SDN-enabled packet-optical networks will support fully automated multi-layer Path Computation Element (PCE) based path provisioning for all MPLS-TP, Ethernet and Layer 1 services. In addition, the solution will also support hierarchical SDN controllers and multi-vendor environments through open standardized interfaces such as OpenFlow, PCEP and MTOSI. An important additional feature of Transmode’s approach to SDN is the use of virtual router functions using NFV functionality. This gives operators the ability to support network virtualization and end-to-end path provisioning across multi-vendor/domain networks.

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