Trustgrid Touts EdgeNetwork SD-WAN for Banking Transactions

AUSTIN, Texas -- Trustgrid, a provider of SD-WAN for fintech applications, today announced its EdgeNetwork solution is accelerating cloud adoption for fintech providers and currently enabling millions of daily banking transactions for financial institutions (FIs).

When used as a replacement to traditional VPN and MPLS solutions, EdgeNetwork delivers 50-75% faster deployment times, 99.9% cloud-to-customer uptime, and up to a 50% reduction in the total cost of connectivity.

Until now the complexity, compliance, and security challenges of legacy WAN technologies have hindered the ability to fully embrace the cloud. Fintech application providers operating in public or private cloud environments must remain connected to FI core banking data stored on-premises. Further complicating things, these connections are deployed and managed across multiple FI customer environments with varying IT policies and staff in place.

Trustgrid’s EdgeNetwork is a cloud-native, software-defined networking solution that enables fintech providers to easily deploy and manage connectivity between any cloud or data center environment, no matter where it resides. Delivered as a subscription service, EdgeNetwork ensures high availability, streamlined deployments, and simplified management. The solution runs in most public and private cloud environments and can be deployed on a variety of off-the-shelf hardware appliances, or as a virtual appliance, on-premises without the need for advanced networking skill sets.

EdgeNetwork deployments in leading fintech solutions include Q2eBanking and Apiture Digital Banking, among others. However, the product is a powerful networking solution for any SaaS application that needs secure connectivity to a variety of on-premises environments.


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