SlideshowSD-WAN: It's Not Just for Scrooges Anymore

Mitch Wagner 1/3/2020 | 1:33:12 PM
Re: Co-managed approach Good point! Some form of co-management seems likely to be the way that most medium-sized and large enterprises will go. Makes sense to share the responsibility, and for enterprises to tap into SP expertise, while retaining the ability to grab the steering wheel when necessary.  
Kelsey Ziser 1/2/2020 | 2:48:09 PM
Co-managed approach In addition to the DIY or managed approach, I'm hearing that a "co-managed" approach to SD-WAN is gaining popularity. Enterprises want a supplier or telco to work with in case something goes wrong with their service, but they also want the capability to manage some functions themselves. Customer dashboards are an important feature in the co-managed approach.

John Isch also said it's really important to start any SD-WAN conversation with customers by addressing their security needs first.
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