Who Does What: SDN Controllers

Open Source SDN Controller Projects

Organization: NOXRepo

Controllers: NOX & POX. See this page for more on NOX, and this page for more on POX.

About: NOXRepo claims that NOX is the original OpenFlow controller, and facilitates the development of fast C++ controllers on Linux. POX supports Python on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, targeted largely at research and education.

Organization: ON.Lab

Controller: SDN Open Network Operating System (ONOS). See this page for more information.

About: The Open Networking Lab (ON.Lab), a non-profit organization founded by SDN inventors and leaders from Stanford University and UC Berkeley, set up the ONOS Project to develop open source SDN tools.

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  • ON.Lab Intros Open Source SDN OS

    Organization: OpenContrail

    Controller: OpenContrail Controller. See this page for more information.

    About: The open source, Juniper-sponsored OpenContrail architecture includes a "a logically centralized but physically distributed" SDN controller, virtual router, analytics engine, and published northbound APIs. (Juniper also supports OpenDaylight.)

    Find out more:

  • Cloudwatt Builds Snoop-Proof Cloud
  • Cloudwatt Deploys OpenContrail for SDN
  • Juniper Gives OpenDaylight Some Loving

    Organization: OpenDaylight Project

    Controllers: Helium is the latest release: see this page for more information. The initial release is Hydrogen: see this page for further details.

    About: A Linux Foundation collaborative project, OpenDaylight is developing an open platform for network programmability enabling SDN and NFV networks of any size and scale.

    Find out more:

  • OpenDaylight Releases Major 'Helium' Upgrade
  • OpenDaylight Unveils Open-Source SDN Controller
  • OpenDaylight: Vendor SDN Aids Open Effort

    Controller: Open Mul. For more information, see this page.

    About: Open Mul is designed for performance and reliability, flexibility, and easiness to learn. It's an OpenFow SDN controller platform with a C-language-based multi-threaded infrastructure at its core, and a multi-level northbound interface for hosting applications. Mul means "base" or "root" in Sanskrit, and is pronounced to rhyme with "school."

    Organization: Project Floodlight

    Controller: Floodlight Open SDN Controller. See this page for more information.

    About: Launched by Big Switch Networks, Floodlight is an OpenFlow, Apache-licensed SDN controller.

    Find out more:

  • Big Switch Puts OpenDaylight to the Test
  • Big Switch Intros Open-Source Switches

    Controller: Ryu. For more information, see this page.

    About: Ryu is a software defined networking framework with a well-defined API designed to make it easy for developers to create new network management and control applications. It supports standard protocols including OpenFlow, Netconf, and OF-config. Ryu means "flow" in Japanese, and is pronounced to rhyme with "see you."

    Organization: Stanford University

    Controller: Beacon. See this page for more information.

    About: Cross-platform, modular, Java-based OpenFlow controller that supports both event-based and threaded operation.

    Controller: Trema. For more information, see this page.

    About: Trema is a framework for developing OpenFlow controllers in Ruby and C.

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