ECI Unveils Its SDN Framework

PETACH TIKVAH, Israel -- ECI Telecom, a global provider of next-generation network solutions, announced today the launch of SmartLight®, ECI's framework for deploying software defined networks (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV).

By supporting "smart migration", SmartLight's open standard approach enables service providers to start enjoying the benefits of SDN immediately on their current installed base. SmartLight also provides a unique, comprehensive security suite for protecting the network as it becomes increasingly open and programmable.

"The SmartLight framework was driven by the need for unlimited bandwidth, open interfaces, multivendor support and security. It enables our customers to optimize and manage their networks to meet the demands of new architectures like the metro cloud, which feature expanding bandwidth and new traffic patterns," says Darryl Edwards, CEO of ECI Telecom. "We are proud that our innovative approach enables customers to enjoy smart networking solutions TODAY which are fit for the challenges of tomorrow."

SmartLight comprises four elements forming the basis of a comprehensive networking solution:

  • LightApps suite of network automation and efficiency tools, and premium service applications,
  • LightControl multi-layer carrier-class SDN controller,
  • LightSec suite of security applications and appliances, and
  • Apollo and NPT SDN-ready converged L0-L3 transport systems

    LightApps increase network efficiency and facilitate a wide range of revenue generating services. They include applications such as Bandwidth-on-Demand, Scheduled Services and Network Analytics.

    LightApps can run on the existing installed base, and offer maximum portability and customization by using standard open APIs. They can be enhanced with real-time capabilities when paired to run on the LightControl SDN controller which features a centralized unified multi-layer control plane.

    Security is becoming increasingly important as the network incorporates open interfaces and programmability. LightSec uses a six-pronged delivery of best-in-breed components – for network anomaly detection, strong authentication, DDOS protection, SCADA DPI and more – to bring to the industry one of the most comprehensive cyber-security solutions.

    ECI's industry-proven, next generation packet-optical transport systems, Apollo and NPT, provide the network foundation for SmartLight. Featuring converged layers 0 to 3 service transport, with scalable multi-terabit packet and optical switching, they permit end-to-end automated service creation spanning access, metro, regional and core networks. For SDN compatibility, Apollo and NPT are evolving to support OpenFlow interfaces, and will feature software-configurable NFV engines.

    ECI is hosting a live demonstration of SmartLight and the LightApps applications in its booth at MEF GEN14 in Washington, DC November 17-20.

    ECI Telecom Ltd.

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