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Registration Has Its Privileges

Folks sometimes question why they should spend the 45 seconds it takes to register on Virtuapedia or Testapedia. I can respond with the litany of benefits that come with doing so, or I can provide an example of what happens when you do.

Example: While looking through the Virtuapedia People Directory this week, I came across someone who works for a company I've never heard of. Intrigued by this person's record, I did a search on the company and ended up adding it to Virtuapedia.

Volansys Technologies does some pretty interesting stuff in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. Its HomeBridge platform is a multifunctional IoT gateway for connecting edge devices to the cloud. The white-label solution can be used by service providers and others to create design solutions, including telecom services, building automation and more.

While researching Volansys, I took a look at its partners and came across two additional companies with which I wasn't familiar. By researching those, I found they also have pretty cool IoT products.

People Power has an IoT Suite for service providers and manufacturers to connect, deliver and manage projects. It can work in conjunction with Symphony, a carrier-grade cloud server that enables customer experiences that encourage sharing, competition, cooperation and social commerce.

The IoT Smart Products Platform from Evrythng lets users digitally enable their products' labels and packaging for tracking by giving a unique identity to every object and creating a web-addressable object that provides a URL for any application, user or system to interact with.

The point of all this -- besides that I found three pretty cool companies that I didn't know about before -- is that I never would have known about any of them if someone had not registered for Virtuapedia. But because he or she did, that company is now listed, along with two of its products. Two of that company's partners also now have listings, along with several of their products, as well.

Projecting this example into, say, your future shouldn't require much thought. It takes less than a minute to register for Virtuapedia. If you've already registered, but your company isn't, send an email to let us know. If your company is listed, but you want different products added -- or you want to change anything about that listing -- use that same email address and let us know.

More than 1,600 companies and 1,700 products are now listed in Virtuapedia, making it the telecom industry's most comprehensive resource for all things related to virtualization. Some 14,000 network professionals also are now registered with Virtuapedia, giving them access not only to vendor and product information but also to the latest industry news and research from Heavy Reading.

— Denise Culver, Director of Online Research, Heavy Reading

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kq4ym 5/17/2017 | 1:17:01 PM
Can't Lose On This One With the 14,000 industry folks already registered it's a sure thing that any company should take a minute and register their products here. A win win if there ever was one.
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