NFV (Network functions virtualization)

Light Reading's Extreme Makeover

As the global communications sector is undergoing a radical transformation -- fueled by new technologies and trends such as 4G, cloud, 100G, all-IP networks, Web applications, software-defined networking (SDN), and network functions virtualization (NFV) -- we thought it was about time that Light Reading underwent a transformation of its own.

After all, Light Reading has been around since 2000, when Ethernet was making its way into wide area networks, the mobile market was getting caught up in the hype around 3G (a full 2Mbit/s downlink if you climbed up a mobile mast with a Motorola handset that weighed half a ton), and Battlefield Earth was stinking up movie theaters.

Since then, while the site has undergone some upgrades and design alterations, it's not that much different from 13 years ago.

But the market has changed dramatically, as has the way the telecom community gets its information. So we've undertaken an extensive overhaul of Light Reading to introduce a new design (including the new logo, below) and new features with the aim of delivering greater multimedia engagement and encouraging greater interaction between everyone involved in this incredibly important industry of ours.

Being the catalyst for interaction between Light Reading community members has been a critical driver behind the changes we have introduced. That's because it's not just the industry that has changed -- the way individuals and teams discover and share information has changed during the past decade too. The editorial team here at Light Reading still plays an important role in highlighting news and trends that we believe are of interest -- that's why we've revamped the way we present our articles, providing specific areas of the site for hot topics such as 100G, NFV, small cells, policy and charging, vectoring, DOCSIS 3.0, M2M … there's a lot to find out about.

But it's not just about us. You -- yes, YOU -- are a critical source of information who can help your colleagues and peers in their daily working lives. It's always useful and interesting to listen to the views of other people in the industry when you meet them at trade shows, conferences and other industry gatherings, and to share your views with them, right? Well, that interaction can also happen online, at Light Reading, particularly during our own events such as the upcoming Ethernet & SDN Expo (October 2-3).

Take a look around the site and you'll find not only written contributions from industry executives, who are sharing their views with you through their own blogs, but also plenty of useful insight on our message boards. In addition, further new features will be introduced in the coming months that will encourage even greater interaction, including the Light Reading University.

So, help us to help you. Get involved! Share your thoughts; have some fun! And let us know what you think about the 'new' Light Reading.

— Ray Le Maistre, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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derac7020 8/21/2013 | 10:35:39 AM
Eh... Layouts are just that.. layouts.  Unless they are impossible to navigate it doesn't matter much.   I don't like the 'columns' by corporate folks that are basically adverts.   They should be in a separate section for infomercials.    
mendyk 8/19/2013 | 1:57:56 PM
Re: Looks good In Ray's defense (not that he needs any defending from me), Larry left to pursue other opportunities. Or maybe it was to spend more time with his family. It looks like we're switching from fruit to beer (or maybe potent potables in general?), which should be seen as a marked upgrade. As far as Disqus go, let's just call it a nightmare that has finally ended. We move on.
t.bogataj 8/19/2013 | 12:31:23 PM
Re: Looks good Ray,

I cannot say that this gives me any real satisfaction, but... I TOLD YOU. The moment you decided to dump good old Larry and step away frow bananas was LR's biggest mistake ever. Hope you get over disqus(t) soon and remember that you ought to be serving your loyal readers. Maybe even cherries return.

Lestón 8/19/2013 | 4:18:48 AM
Light Reading's Extreme Makeover: The Verdict This makes light work of reading.

Nicely done – it's cleaner and clearer.  Potentially it has less personality without the unusual red banner at the top and with the softer logo/title font, but overall looks more professional and is easier to navigate.  Looks like you've brought in more content too - I like the haiku section.

telecomtails 8/16/2013 | 3:41:04 PM
Very nice... Really like the cleaner look Ray and co - very nice job. One question... Are you subconsciously revealing a bias towards the USA by only having regional tabs for Europe or Asia... Is this a US centric site with a couple of regional options or a truly global site? I know it is the latter - so either do away with the limited regional options or have more - including the USA. It is after all a legitimate region and probably deserves some focus. Just a thought... Very nice makeover though.
[email protected] 8/16/2013 | 3:32:07 AM
Re: Looks good Tks Gabe.

As our support team noted in an earlier reply, we are in a tug of war with Disqus to import the message board content from its system.

Personally, the 'flirtation' with Disqus has put me off seeing hosted message applications for life.... it'll take a lot to get me 'back out there'...
[email protected] 8/16/2013 | 3:28:38 AM
Re: Ticker is very distracting,annoying Thanks for the feedback -- we'll take your commenst on board as we review te site and its performance/impact.
[email protected] 8/16/2013 | 3:26:38 AM
Re: New Web Format -- THANK YOU A big THANK YOU to everyone who has offered their comments on the new site -- as with everything it is a work in progress. Please do keep the suggestions and comments coming!
[email protected] 8/16/2013 | 3:25:08 AM
Re: Remake SPIT Ah, the SPIT debate... it's like Marmite (do you folks have that in N AMerica?) -- you either love it or hate it. But you don't forget it. Everything is always up for review/change.... :-)


The serious point, of course, is that this is what is driving much of the innovation and change in the industry -- developments from the IT side of the house as much as (Iif not more than) the traditional telecom engineering side. 
viraj0 8/16/2013 | 12:28:59 AM
Re: New Web Format good ... looks great!
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