NFV (Network functions virtualization)

Confessions of an Oracle Shopaholic: Pt II

Oracle Communications is already one of the big hitters in the Service Provider IT (SPIT) sector, with an enviable customer base, a broad portfolio of software and hardware products for communications service providers (CSPs) of all types, and revenues in the billions.

And as the worlds of telecoms and IT continue to merge, it seems likely that Oracle's influence will grow stronger (for better or worse). Exactly how influential a role the Oracle Corp. division will play will, at least in part, be determined by the strategic decisions of Bhaskar Gorti, senior vice president and general manager, Communications Global Business Unit

Curtain Call for Mr Gorti
The next phone call is never too far away for Bhaskar Gorti, senior vice president and general manager at Oracle's Communications Global Business Unit.
The next phone call is never too far away for Bhaskar Gorti, senior vice president and general manager at Oracle's Communications Global Business Unit.

With some significant acquisitions under his belt this year, it was a good time to meet with Gorti, who was joined by Gordon Rawling, senior director of regional marketing at Oracle Communications, to get his take on the changing face of the communications sector.

In Part I of the interview, we discussed the Oracle Communications portfolio, the trends in the broader industry that are impacting Gorti's customers and his strategy and Big Data/analytics. (See Confessions of an Oracle Shopaholic: Pt I.)

In this, the second and final part of the interview, software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV), Oracle's rivals, sales strategies and the future come under the spotlight.

— Ray Le Maistre, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

On page 2: Gorti on preparing for SDN/NFV.

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TTDCorp 8/21/2013 | 10:54:31 AM
Re: Confessions of an Oracle Shopaholic I think all four (Carrol, Ray, Gordon, Gorti) of you at the end of the article have identified the struggle here.  The Domain leaders (Ericsson, AMDOCs) and Foundation providers (Comverse, Oracle etc...) are looking at Service Providers, SCOPE, SCTE, ATIS, TMN to publish more finite information.  The source information is moving because of the parallel initiatives:

IMS and SOA Architectures addressing

Convergence Products

Wireless service additions for Multi-Mode operation

Tremendously large operators transitioning to All-IP to catch up with Wireless, Cable, CLEC, ISP/OTT

Virtualization, SDN, NFV

With so many initiatives, each company must build custom for now, without requirements, just goals exist and quite frankly, it could be 10 years before we see common modules for operators because the Business Processes do not yet exist, much less prepare for inter-operability of O/BSS messagaing between systems and operators. 

As much as a Service Provider would like to be able to pick and choose, the vendors have to respond with an all-or-nothing solution.  Oracle has several clients who have modules of successful integration of Diameter, IMS, SBC with the Wireless, Video and UCC apps developed from Arris, Cisco, BroadCloud, Sonus, MetaSphere.  So at this early stage of SDN/NFV (which some carriers look as a hosted service and internal IT capability but not a Service Platform) Ericsson, AMDOCS, Oracle now have tall orders to sell Service Providers in what can only be described as faith-based deployment. 
C Chappell 8/19/2013 | 10:37:17 AM
Confessions of an Oracle Shopaholic Ray, there are a number of companies with interesting strategies for managing a virtualized network consisting of virtual network functions (VNFs) and with roadmaps for OSS in an NFV context. NEC, Cyan, Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco spring immediately to mind here. I don't see NFV management leadership coming from the likes of Oracle and Amdocs, though - at least not at the moment. It's not enough to say that you have a hypervisor and an OSS with the ability to activate virtual IP addresses - NFV management will involve much more than this. And do operators want vendor-specific  hypervisors and 'purpose-built' environments - how open an approach to NFV will Oracle offer?
[email protected] 8/19/2013 | 3:54:08 AM
Readiness for SDN and NFV Does any company have a set of OSS/management tools that could run a software-defined/virtualized telco network? 


I think not. 

For me, the big question is -- which cmpanies will develop the software that IS capable of such tasks. This is where R&D money needs to go, including VC money.
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