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Light Reading: The Movie

The fall and rise of Stephen Saunders...

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TeleWRTRLiz 10/21/2013 | 5:36:16 PM
Better than the Muppet Movie! Ok so I'm a few days late here watching this, but this movie was just full of life, inspirational and the special effects were out of this world. Definitly a worthy front runner for the Oscars. Look out Blue Jasmine. 
DanJones 10/8/2013 | 11:02:11 PM
Re: No words Reel chicken.
albreznick 10/8/2013 | 12:11:55 PM
Re: No words Did you use real chicken? Or a soy-based substitute? 
DanJones 10/7/2013 | 9:29:42 AM
Re: No words Power of acting, innit, method chicken and all that.
gbm1975 10/4/2013 | 11:11:31 PM
Re: No words Dan, for everything else that went into this film, I'm left with the realization that it's the most elaborate and thorough public denial of vegetarianism that I have ever seen. Chicken is amazing, man.
DanJones 10/4/2013 | 6:56:12 PM
Re: No words Well you could see Saunders in this guise as yer classic unreliable narrator figure. It's a tried and tested story telling device.
mendyk 10/4/2013 | 6:42:14 PM
Re: No words There is one glaring anachronism in the new video: LR never had cats on the wall. We had fish in a tank, and monkey balls galore, but no cats.
DanJones 10/4/2013 | 4:57:40 PM
Re: No words Larry is irreplacable, so we didn't even try. 
brookseven 10/4/2013 | 4:54:35 PM
Re: No words Okay - but you have to bring back Harvey Mudd.

and let's see...

Does the Lightning Bolt replace Larry?


Can we have some some new Tachion threads?


remember about all things video (as per South Park - who already invented the Crab People - see the Metrosexual episode) "The Simpsons did it."


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