Caching In on Mobile Content

7:55 AM -- Operators grappling with how best to optimize their mobile networks for video should take note of this content delivery network (CDN) news announced on Monday because it looks like an important development. (See Saguna, Jet Stream Team for Mobile CDNs and Mobile Video's Time Is Now.)

The companies involved are Saguna Networks -- which specializes in radio access network (RAN) caching -- and content delivery network (CDN) company Jet Stream BV . They've teamed up to create a federated CDN offering for mobile networks by combining Saguna's RAN optimization software with Jet Stream's VideoExchange CDN technology.

This kind of combo could be one way for operators to take a stab at the mobile content delivery challenge.

The announcement certainly caught the eye of Heavy Reading Senior Analyst Patrick Donegan.

"This whole area of CDN and caching distribution is among the hottest areas where the future direction of the mobile network is concerned," he said. And he should know, since he wrote about this in a recent report, Mobile Network Feature Distribution Strategies for 3G & LTE.

"Saguna reckon they can get their caching functionality into a backhaul switch or even a base station for less than $100," said Donegan.

He added: "The ongoing questions are around the business model -- to what extent are operators expecting paid, premium, video services rather than 'free' over-the-top videos? How far out in the network is optimal for an efficient cache hit ratio? To what extent does this distribution drive broader aspects of IP network distribution in the mobile network and to what extent is it subordinate to it? It's still early days where these kinds of questions are concerned."

Now's the time to ask them, then!

— Michelle Donegan, European Editor, Light Reading Mobile

Jesus Christ 12/5/2012 | 5:44:43 PM
re: Caching In on Mobile Content

Mobile operators just won't deploy this - it disrupts their billing, Legal Intercept, Content Monitoring solutions. Charging is done at the GGSN or the mobile packet core - if Saguna ends up caching, how does the GGSN know what is being delivered, how much is being delivered etc.? This means that Saguna needs to send all this information to the GGSN so that the GGSN can generate the right CDRs. LI and Content monitoring are other major impediments.

While this idea looks good on paper, it just isn't deployable! Sorry!

pdonegan67 12/5/2012 | 5:44:40 PM
re: Caching In on Mobile Content

Kinda hard to quibble with a "nom de plume" like that but at the risk of being hit by a bolt of lightening, here goes.

I agree with your points with respect to the shortcomings of today's implementation model. Distribution of gateways does get around them to a significant extent but the extent to which that actually occurs - and when - is admittedly still very much an unkown.

Way too soon to write distributed caching off, though. Given the interest in this that's out there, I suspect the momentum behind looking for a viable deployment model still has plenty of legs in it.

amostalmor1 12/5/2012 | 5:44:23 PM
re: Caching In on Mobile Content You are mistaken, we change nothing. The system allow law force, allow regular billing etc. NOTHING is changed. Ask us how, we will show you. Its working live in one of the biggest operators.
Jesus Christ 12/5/2012 | 5:44:22 PM
re: Caching In on Mobile Content

Well, you can always make it work by sending CDRs from your cache to the billing server - essentially replicate the GGSN functionality. Good luck to you guys - it is innovative but it is extremely difficult to penetrate the mobile operators.

amostalmor1 12/5/2012 | 5:44:19 PM
re: Caching In on Mobile Content

Sir, we at saguna already manged to solve the problem. It is now a proven technology that works in a live network. In addition we have other kind of services that Saguna provide while beeing at the base station. Visit us in Mobile World Congress - Hall 2 booth D82. We would be very happy to show you how it work, live.

amostalmor1 12/5/2012 | 5:44:19 PM
re: Caching In on Mobile Content

We do it in different way that no one did before. Yes it's hard, but WE DID IT. One of the big 5 worldwide operator already choose Saguna’s solution. It was hard but we are on the right way.

Visit us at Mobile World Congress - Hall 2 booth D82

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