Cablevision Outshines Insight With New Product Gains

Insight Communications and Cablevision Systems both reported steady gains in high-speed data, cable telephony and digital cable subscribers during the fourth quarter. But, in the back-to-back earnings reports issued Wednesday and today, Cablevision's results definitely stood out as the MSO posted notable increases for its various digital products. Cablevision added 93,517 data, 145,933 digital and 83,497 IP telephony customers in the fall quarter, rounding out a strong year. For all of 2004, the MSO racked up gains of 295,519 data, 244,038 VoIP and a whopping 577,530 digital subscribers. In contrast, Insight, which is about 40% Cablevision's size, added just 19.000 data, 11,900 digital and 1,500 telephony customers during the fourth quarter. On an annual basis, Insight scored somewhat better, signing up 100,500 data, 48,400 digital and 8,900 telephony subscribers.

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