Cable's Marketing Immaturity

Every so often we're hit with glaring examples of the cable industry's growing pains in the marketing department. This is the industry after all, that for years marketed movies on demand to consumers as 'pay per view.' While traveling this week, I saw an advertisement with the message 'Get the Triple Play.' That's it, nothing else. There's nothing worse than throwing an industry term at consumers and expecting them to 'get it.' The average consumer has to wonder: What the heck is a triple play? How does it improve my life? Why should I buy it? The ad was courtesy of 1.800.OK Cable, a marketing consortium among the cable operators of New York, New Jersey and southern Connecticut (Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and US Cable), which together represent over seven million homes. Hopefully they'll figure out a better way to explain the benefits of cable's video, voice and data bundle.
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