CableLabs Approves Two More Tech Devices

CableLabs has given the thumbs up to two more new products from tech vendors in the latest equipment testing round, approving an integrated device from Ambit and a voice modem from Scientific-Atlanta. Wrapping up Certification Wave #43, which concluded earlier this week, CableLabs bestowed its blessing on the Ambit integrated device under five different tech specs, including DOCSIS 1.1, DOCSIS 2.0, CableHome 1.1, PacketCable 1.0 and PacketCable 1.5. The triple-threat device, which supports voice-over-IP (VoIP), high-speed data and home networking applications, is the sixth one approved by the industry R&D consortium over the last five months. CableLabs certified the embedded multimedia terminal adapter (E-MTA) from S-A under three different specs, including DOCSIS 1.1, DOCSIS 2.0 and PacketCable 1.0. It joins many others that have qualified under those three standards.
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