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Charter-TWC Merger Review Delayed

The FCC is extending its review of Charter's acquisition of Time Warner Cable by two weeks.

The agency said in a notice that it needs the additional time to review documents provided by the companies addressing concerns of various constituents.

Some of the new documents the FCC is reviewing address the merger's possible impact on the distribution of TWC SportsNet and SportsNet LA, two regional sports networks (RSNs) currently owned by Time Warner Cable.

The FCC said it is also going over information Charter provided concerning its residential pricing and packaging methodology, including an explanation of how that methodology will be employed throughout the new firm after the transaction.

Charter has also provided further clarification on cyber security issues, and Time Warner Cable has submitted additional information on plans to build 1 million residential line extensions and $2.5 billion of commercial network investment, among other issues.

The FCC has a 180-day time limit to review the merger, but under some conditions can temporarily pause the process. With this delay, the final decision is now due later in March.

The merger review delay comes as TWC is crowing over its year-end customer results. The second-biggest US MSO reported earlier Monday that it added a record 618,000 customer relationships in 2015, including 32,000 video subs, after years of heavy losses.

— Brian Santo, Senior Editor, Components, T&M, Light Reading

MikeP688 1/6/2016 | 1:08:54 PM
Re: On the dawn of the New yar...A Calm before the storm perhaps? There is no question that there is a cost factor.    They need to innovate even more--and it will be fascinating to watch as I look forward to the insights shared here as the evolution continues.   
inkstainedwretch 1/6/2016 | 12:02:49 PM
Re: On the dawn of the New yar...A Calm before the storm perhaps? More people will cut the cord -- that is certain. But it is not an inexorable trend toward zero subscribership to the bundle. Cutting the cord comes with a set of considerations that, as things stand now, can make it more expensive than a subscription to the bundle. MVPDs are in greater danger of investor panic over cord cutting than they are over cord cutting itself, at least in the near term. -- Brian Santo
MikeP688 1/6/2016 | 12:10:36 AM
On the dawn of the New yar...A Calm before the storm perhaps? The question is whether the merged company can sustain the growth though as we're seeing the cord-cutting gather momentum.

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