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CableLabs diagram of a high-level Remote PHY architecture
CableLabs diagram of a high-level Remote PHY architecture

Duh! 10/13/2017 | 4:50:38 PM
Re: Parallels to C-RAN HFC is most similar to DAS.
msilbey 10/13/2017 | 4:27:34 PM
Re: Parallels to C-RAN Nokia's Marcus Weldon has talked about where all of the access network technologies are converging. It's a very intereesting space right now.
Sterling Perrin 10/13/2017 | 4:06:28 PM
Re: Parallels to C-RAN After giving it a little more thought - and coffee - I realized that cable and telecom are coming from different directions, at least initially. Cable is moving from central to more distributed (DAA) and mobile is moving from distributed to more central (Centralized RAN). But technology limitations/physics are forcing trade-offs to end up with a "partially" distributed cable access and a "somewhat" centralized RAN. That's where the two architectures are looking most similar.

msilbey 10/13/2017 | 3:59:59 PM
Re: Parallels to C-RAN Sterling- Yes, many similarities in approach. As someone who comes from the cable side of the industry, I've been somewhat amazed over the years at the ways the different technology approaches mimic each other. Not because that doesn't make sense, but because the traditional telecom/wireless and cable worlds were populated by very different people. Interesting to watch it all, slowly, converge.
msilbey 10/13/2017 | 3:57:56 PM
Re: Casa is a new major player Fair enough. Casa is second in CCAP shipments. Ironically, I think of it as an advantage that they don't seem as mired in the old-school cable ways. They've now announced customer trials of their vCCAP solution, and I look forward to hearing those trials turn into commercial deployments. 
Sterling Perrin 10/13/2017 | 10:07:25 AM
Parallels to C-RAN It's interesting how similar the DAA architecture is to what mobile operators are doing with centralized RAN- splitting the processing functions and moving some of them closer to the subscribers. In the case of DAA, the functions move closer to the homes, with the remote PHY. In C-RAN, the functions move to the cell tower, closer to the mobile subscribers.

In both cases, the transmission of RF over fiber seems to be a big part of the challenge. In RAN and C-RAN, it is digitized RF in the form of CPRI. In cable, it looks like they do analog RF over fiber. But both analog an digitized RF appear inefficient for the coming data rates and densities.

I don't have any conclusions, just an observation of the similar problems and approaches.

Hardware22579 10/12/2017 | 4:18:51 PM
Casa is a new major player These light reading articles continue to be Arris and Cisco centric, discounting Casa as a major player. Casa has moved into second place behind Arris in deployments of CCAP boxes, so please don't discount them as just another vendor trying to break into the market.  Casa is now an incumbant as much as Arris or Cisco.  
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