SlideshowIs DOCSIS 3.1 Losing Its Lustre?

JackZhuhong 4/21/2016 | 8:47:21 PM
DAA & D3.1 DAA & D3.1 go together will be the option. That's why D-CCAP get more attentions. The first D3.1 D-CCAP will be deployed in Denmark soon.
Duh! 4/11/2016 | 5:00:13 PM
Re: Question of definitions? This.  Also, analog RF transmission over linear optics apparently prevents DOCSIS 3.1 from achieving its full potential.

Don't read too much into these surveys.
jbtombes 4/11/2016 | 4:01:11 PM
Question of definitions? Deployments are just starting up, but DOCSIS 3.1 has been around for a while. First release was 2013. It's a total makeover of DOCSIS - so it certainly remains new. But once a technology enters into operations, it's harder to describe it as next-gen. On the other hand, DAA is still in labs and trials. Thus more next-gen-ish?
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