Cisco Nears 100 CCAP Customers

BOSTON -- As the Internet & Television Expo kicks off today, cable and Internet leaders are gathering to discuss topics on the future of cable and broadband services, how to succeed with OTT, the evolution of bundling and more.

Improving the user experience is atop every service provider's list. Most are looking at how to build Gigabit networks to support exploding growth in online and mobile video, 4G connected smart devices, and IoT advancements.

Many service providers are looking for ways to dramatically boost their speeds and manage critical network processing performance enhancements to provide an uninterrupted entertainment experience whether at home or on the go.

To help solve these challenges, Cisco launched its cBR-8 Converged Broadband Access Platform at INTX 2015. The cBR-8 integrates the previously stand-alone functions required in a cable hub into one smaller, more powerful box capable of delivering voice, data, and video traffic over a single port.

This "Giga box" uses DOCSIS 3.1, the industry specification that enables high-bandwidth Internet services to be delivered over existing cable TV infrastructure. It is helping to enable cable operators to achieve savings that could exceed 40 percent of capital and operating expenses over five years, compared with other converged cable access platforms (CCAP).

In the year since launch, the cBR-8 is rapidly approaching 100 customers worldwide, including those announced in the U.S., Europe, APJC and Latin America, with over 30 already in deployment. It is helping to power services for more than 7 million pay TV subscribers.

We are proud to announce significant progress made by customers such as:

  • Midco, which recently began field trials of its Midco Gig Internet service in Fargo, North Dakota, with trial plans set for Sioux Falls later this year.
  • Quickline AG recently completed validation of CCAP video on cBR-8, and has been live and running with this platform, supporting its 21 cable operators in providing multi-Gigabit entertainment services for 400,000 customers in Switzerland.

"We are excited to be at the forefront of the DOCSIS 3.1 gigabit rollout, bringing an advance trial to Fargo," said Jon Pederson, CTO, Midco. "With the Cisco cBR-8 powering our platform, we can continue to scale our network and lead the way in offering gigabit speeds to all of our customers by the end of 2017."

"As a cable operator, the cable is our number one asset," said Remon Krebs, CTO, Quickline AG. "Therefore, the choice of technology partner for this crucial part of our business needed to be made very carefully. We are pleased to announce we have completely migrated to the Cisco cBR-8, and are moving full steam ahead to implementing table-based VOD this year, and thereafter embarking on the DOCSIS 3.1 journey."

Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO)

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