CableLabs Announces Point-to-Point Coherent Optics Specifications

LOUISVILLE, Colo. -- CableLabs today published its first Point-to-Point Coherent Optics specifications, which will dramatically increase capacity of the fiber access network by 10 times and will support 100 gigabits of data per wavelength, to meet the growing demand of broadband customers. For background, Coherent Optics Technology uses amplitude, phase, and polarization to enable these much higher fiber capacities which can improve streaming, video conferencing, file uploads and downloads, and future usage needs for technologies such as virtual and augmented reality.

Gaining more capacity out of the existing fibers can eliminate the need to lay more fiber. The specifications allow multiple system operators to best leverage their existing fiber infrastructure to withstand the exponential growth in capacity demands and services for residential and business subscribers while enabling new services in the most cost-efficient way.

This announcement closely follows the launch of the CableLabs’ Full Duplex DOCSIS specification in 2017, reflecting the company’s ongoing commitment to the broadband consumer community, cable and fiber providers and other key industry stakeholders.

The Point to Point Coherent Optics specification effort was introduced by CableLabs last year and the completed specifications can be found on the CableLabs website. For more information, please reference this press release. If you are interested in speaking with a CableLabs’ expert on the announcement, let me know and I am happy to coordinate.


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