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Midco Taps Hitron for Whole-Home WiFi

SIOUX FALLS, SD. -- Midco, a leader in broadband, today announced a partnership with Hitron Technologies to improve the customer experience by offering a Whole-Home Wi-Fi solution under the brand Midco FreestyleSM Wi-Fi.

Midco Freestyle Wi-Fi is designed to let consumers take control of their wireless life. It gives them a corner-to-corner whole-home Wi-Fi experience – combining Midco’s high-speed Internet with enhanced mobile app controls and advanced network visibility and support.

“When it comes to our products and services, the customer experience is paramount,” said Midco Chief Technology Officer Jon Pederson. “This solution takes our industry-leading Internet solution and gives our customers ultimate Wi-Fi control and a strong signal throughout their home.”

A wireless gateway will serve as the main hub in the home and will leverage signal extenders to provide a more reliable coverage in every inch of the home, eliminating weak Wi-Fi signals. Through Cloud AI tools, customers will benefit from real-time optimization of the Wi-Fi network in their home. And, through the mobile app, Midco customers will be empowered to manage their wireless experience by not only seeing all the devices connected to their wireless network, but also setting parental controls, testing Internet speeds and managing access per connected device.

“Midco has been a phenomenal partner, sharing our vision of every corner, every device, connected. Wi-Fi connectivity is extremely important to consumers, and they expect fast and reliable Internet service with no dead spots. We are thrilled to help Midco provide this benefit for their customers,” said Todd Babic, Hitron America’s Chief Sales Officer.


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