CEO Chat With Jerry Guo, Casa Systems

Getting personal

SS: There's not much information about you personally online. Is that intentional? Are you quite a private person?

JG: I'm a very private person. But it's not intentional. We just never got around to it.

SS: Actually, I think it's quite effective. Most people when they search on the bios for executive leaders, you see the same thing every time. So I think it's quite refreshing to have somebody who's just letting the results of their company speak for what they're doing. I thought that was quite cool, actually.

JG: Well, thank you.

SS: You should see my bio. It's somewhat ludicrous because I've done a lot of different jobs so I thought I might as well throw them all in there.

JG: I haven't had many jobs in my life. But I wasn't intentionally hiding.

SS: Does your work/recreation schedule leave you any time for fun? Do you have any hobbies or anything that you want to share with the Light Reading community?

JG: Unfortunately, that's fairly limited.

SS: Well, there's always the future. I have the same thing. I'm either working or looking after three kids so you know, not much time left over.

JG: I do like fast cars and fast boats.

SS: What do you drive?

JG: I have a Maserati.

SS: Sweet ride. I was in California recently and I had a new assistant and she booked my rental car at Budget. And I was like: I don't know why you're booking me at Budget. They're not going to have anything nice. And then it turns out they had a Maserati and they gave me a triple upgrade so I got it for $200 for two days. So now they're my favorite place to rent cars in California. Budget! Who knew, right?

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