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WOW, eero Team on WiFi Mesh Service for Biz Customers

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone (NYSE: WOW), a leading broadband and communications service provider, today announced the availability of its WOW! Whole-Business WiFi solution across most of the WOW! Business service-area footprint. Whole-Business WiFi is WOW!'s mesh network solution that provides WOW! Business customers low-cost, easy-to-manage and seamless coverage to keep businesses and their customers securely connected without sacrificing speed or performance.

WOW!'s Whole-Business WiFi solution, which uses the eero mesh WiFi system, provides fast, secure, and reliable connectivity throughout the business. Instead of using a single router, Whole-Business WiFi blankets your store or small office with internet coverage, enabling your business to run smoothly. No more internet connectivity issues for your point-of-sale system or unhappy customers unable to get online.

Plus, it’s easy to install and manage with a user-friendly mobile app: little-to-no IT support required. And Whole-Business WiFi offers customer-friendly features like allowing guests to scan a unique QR code to join the business’ guest network, eliminating the need to type in a network name and password. WOW!'s new mesh network solution is also more secure, isolating devices on the guest network from each other and from the business’ main network, protecting business transactions and ensuring safer surfing.

WOW!'s Whole-Business WiFi solution is highlighted by its unmatched customer support and comes with a convenient, white-glove installation from a WOW! technician, ensuring your entire business has seamless connectivity. WOW! technicians will customize the WiFi network to your specific needs, giving businesses and their customers the best and most secure connection possible no matter where they're streaming, downloading, video conferencing within the business space.

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BigRick 3/22/2019 | 12:02:23 PM
Don't use consumer grade networking kit in a business For a small business I would not advise to install consumer Wi-Fi gear, like this eero stuff..It is better to use proper business class equipment. If you want to install this yourself, and you don't want to run wires, a mesh Wi-Fi set is probably the easiest choice. But use one that has separated Wi-Fi for your office and extended staff, or guests. Like Netgear Orbi Pro. You can also install ceiling access points but that is more expensive and needs an installer to run wires.
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