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Stealth Offers Pop-Up Fiber

NEW YORK -- Stealth Communications, a fiber-based internet provider to NYC businesses, today announced the launch of Stealth Pop-Up Fiber, a fiber optic connectivity option for short-term engagements in NYC. The service leverages Stealth’s aggressive city-wide fiber deployment and in-house expertise to provide gigabit connectivity to video, film and streaming productions that need an alternative to satellite hookups for high-bandwidth requirements.

Stealth is leading the connectivity charge for an important segment that has been limited to wireless options. For short-term events that require live streaming like concerts, festivals, fashion shows, and interactive gaming/sporting events, a superb experience is the goal for the host and participants alike.

Stealth’s new service offers more reliable, more robust and flexible connections, ensuring users never miss a moment due to delays or changing requirements.

President and CEO, Shrihari Pandit explains, “We're making fiber optic connectivity available on an unprecedented basis -- tight delivery intervals, short-term service and ‘pop-up’ coverage throughout Manhattan. And at significantly higher bandwidth, 1 gigabit per second and up.”

Stealth's Pop-Up Fiber can be delivered in just two weeks to a building or on the street and can stay up for the duration of the event once the circuit is delivered. Unlike satellite hookups, the fixed fiber connection is worry-free, because it isn't time dependent and there are no time slots to meet. Additionally, the service isn’t bandwidth constrained due to spectrum limitations or unexpected weather changes.

Stealth Communications Inc.

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