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Cable's Mobile Enterprise Challenges

If cable operators really want to take advantage of the promising mobile enterprise opportunity that lies before them, then they had better start tackling some of the key hurdles that are standing in their way right now.

As spelled out in the first part of this blog series on Monday, the mobile enterprise market is sizable and swiftly growing. That's because businesses -- smaller and larger -- are increasingly seeking ways to reach their employees and cater to their customers as those two groups become mobile and rely more and more on their wireless phones, tablets and other devices.

Cable operators can serve commercial customers in this space with innovative mobility solutions that leverage the cloud to deliver the services that customers want. These cloud-based services include group chat, voice conferencing, web-based screen sharing, meet scheduling, real-time whiteboard, and file storage and sharing, among others.

But this task is far easier said than done because of the daunting challenges that must be overcome. For one thing, cable providers must find ways to tap into the public cloud much more comprehensively than they do now. That means quickly shifting their focus from purpose-built hardware to software and making greater use of virtualized equipment and functions.

For another, cable operators must break out of the "disjointed silo" environment in which they now operate. Due largely to the industry's legacy of multiple equipment and software vendors, most operators now manage and support desk phones, mobile clients, desktop clients, IM clients, call center clients and other critical business systems in separate, fragmented disjointed silos rather than on one large integrated platform, driving up capital and operating costs and placing heavier strains on their networks.

In addition, cable providers must offer more comprehensive, higher-quality wireless services to commercial customers than they do now. Among other things, that means stepping up their deployments of carrier-class WiFi to cover their markets more effectively and efficiently.

How can cable operators achieve these goals? How can they overcome major challenges like these?

Join us in the search for answers as we delve into some key enterprise mobility solutions in a webinar sponsored by Mitel Networks Corp. and moderated by me today at 12 noon ET. To sign up for this webinar, "The Rise of the Mobile Enterprise for Cable Operators," please click on this registration link. We hope to see you later today.

This blog is sponsored by Mitel as the second installment of a three-part series on cable's mobile enterprise opportunity.

— Alan Breznick, Cable/Video Practice Leader, Light Reading

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