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Bright House Takes Enterprise to the Cloud

Bright House Networks is headed into the cloud with new infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for enterprise business customers.

On the IaaS front, Bright House Networks will offer both cloud compute and cloud backup services. On the SaaS front, the cable operator is introducing hosted application support for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and web hosting.

With its new cloud services, Bright House is touting several advantages for business customers, including lower upfront capital investment requirements and greater performance and cost predictability. The company is also emphasizing its ability to provide private fiber connectivity for greater security, low-latency connectivity and carrier-class reliability.

"Productivity-boosting, cloud-based IaaS and SaaS solutions offer companies of all sizes the agility and cost-efficiencies needed to expand and succeed in today's competitive environment," said Craig Cowden, chief network officer and senior vice president of Enterprise Solutions at Bright House in a press release. "Unlike some of the other national cloud warehouse vendors, our solutions are delivered over our private, secure, fiber-based wide area network. Our clients know they can expect the best from the cloud when it's embedded as an integral part of their overall customized network solution from Bright House Networks."

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Cable companies have typically been slow to offer true cloud services, preferring instead to stick with voice and data connectivity for the commercial market with a particular emphasis on Ethernet offerings. (See 5 Top US MSOs Make Ethernet Leaderboard.)

Time Warner Cable Inc. (NYSE: TWC), which is closely tied to Bright House, is an exception to that rule, however, having bought managed hosting and cloud services company NaviSite (Nasdaq: NAVI) in 2011. Through NaviSite, TWC sells a range of cloud services from hosted applications to self-service cloud products to managed services covering network, security, storage and more.

Charter Communications Inc. has also made clear that it's interested in making a greater push into the business services market with its proposed acquisition of both Time Warner Cable and Bright House. (See Charter Plans Business Services, Wireless Push .)

— Mari Silbey, Senior Editor, Cable/Video, Light Reading

VictorRBlake 6/18/2015 | 8:43:20 AM
Re: *koff* Amazon *koff* I think the answer is in the article. A private fiber network that allows for physically private connections. So it is outsourced and works like the cloud, but doesn't rely on third party ISPs (which are neither the customer nor the hosted service provider). The weakest link in most cloud services isn't the service or the customer, its the no-man's land inbetween. Where there is volume or there are security concerns, clearly a private network can have its benefits. Not to mention, for high volume low latency, its going to be hard to be on-net performance within their footprint. Obviously the network was designed to high volume multicast ip video, performance for most enterprise apps including video conference would be far superior over a network like BHN's than any mash-up of N transit ISPs between enterprise locaiton A and enterprise location B.

A number of organizations such as banks, govnerment organizations (schools), and medical businesess rely on high capacity low latency apps that they would love to operate in the cloud but cannot reliably count on because of the third party problem.
Mitch Wagner 6/17/2015 | 2:58:15 PM
*koff* Amazon *koff* Hard to see what Bright House has to offer in this crowded competitive market. Why would an enterprise go with them rather than Amazon or Microsoft?
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