Technetix Takes Aim at DOCSIS 4.0

ALBOURNE, UK -- The broadband market is rapidly changing, with major equipment vendors redefining their product offering as operators decide which technologies they will adopt to achieve 10G. The first draft of the DOCSIS 4.0 specification by CableLabs is near completion.

A key part of this new standard is the incorporation of new technologies, including Extended Spectrum DOCSIS (ESD), Full Duplex DOCSIS (FDX) and Low Latency DOSCIS (LLD) into one industry standard. These new technologies have been developed to create a superior network which is faster, more efficient and has greater capacity - particularly in the upstream. ESD achieves this by using higher band splits between the upstream and downstream channels. FDX technology allows the upstream and downstream channels to be utilised simultaneously.

Our modular 1.2 GHz DBx access platform meets the current DOCSIS 3.1 standards but can already accommodate the next generation of technologies that will be detailed in the DOCSIS 4.0 standard. The upstream can be increased from 42/54 to 85/102 to 204/258 to 300/380 to 396/500 MHz.

Technetix has supplied 750,000 DBx smart amplifiers to leading multiple system operators worldwide.


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