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Iger shoots down Disney-Apple deal rumor – reports

In his return as Disney's CEO, Iger reportedly told employees that rumors about Disney selling to Apple are 'pure speculation' but confirmed that the company's hiring freeze will remain in place.

FCC adopts annual data collection rules for ACP

The FCC set final rules on what ISPs participating in the Affordable Connectivity Program are required to report, including precise pricing data, service plan characteristics and more.

Netherlands plots ways to close stubborn fiber gap

The Netherlands is stepping up efforts to connect 19,000 addresses at a cost that recent EU estimates put at up to €100,000 per household.

Connecticut AG takes aim at Altice USA

State Attorney General William Tong has opened an investigation into the cable provider after 'nearly 500 complaints' about slow broadband speeds, hidden fees and poor technical support.

DOCSIS 4.0 CPE costs won't break the bank – Liberty Global CTO

Liberty Global's Enrique Rodriguez says the costs for D4.0 gateways won't exceed the costs of today's D3.1 gear. He also outlined how FTTP and DOCSIS 4.0 will fit into the company's network evolution plan.

Another telco supply-chain shortage: cable ships

Supply of cable vessels near a breaking point as relentless cost-cutting drives out profit down the supply chain.

Bob Iger's return to Disney may shake up streaming biz

Analysts expect Bob Iger, in his return as Disney's CEO, to speed up corporate decision-making and take a fresh look at the company's streaming business. UPDATE: Iger is already pursuing a big reorg.

Warning signs flash that 'fiber bubble' could pop, analyst says

Fiber overbuilds continue at relatively high rates, but rising labor and equipment costs paired with higher cost of capital point to diminished returns on investment, MoffettNathanson warns.

How one AI startup aims to improve cable ARPU

Actifai says its tools for service reps have generated sustained ARPU improvements for network operators.

ATX CEO on bridging the labor gap and what's next in cable tech

Dan Whalen discusses the origins and goals of a new field tech training and deployment program and how cable network upgrade activity is heating up.

Dish's 'killer' firmware update bricks some Slingbox models, users claim

A firmware update from Dish sent to certain Slingbox models prevents users from resurrecting the devices using a technical workaround to remedy Dish's decision to shut down Slingbox servers on November 9.

The Notebook Dump: CTIA unimpressed with CBRS, Comcast unleashes HFC, shrinking MEO satellites

The Light Reading editors discuss whether anything interesting is going on in the CBRS spectrum band, updates on Comcast's hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) network, and Kelsey's tour of Boeing's satellite facility in the Notebook Dump for the week ending November 18.

FCC releases broadband map, opens public challenge process

The public can review the first version of the FCC's National Broadband Map and submit challenges to location and availability data.

Roku to lay off 200 US employees as consumer and ad spending wanes

Citing tough economic conditions that have contributed to a turbulent ad spending market and slowing consumer spending, Roku said it will cut 200 jobs in the US.

FWA performance 'middle of the pack' in many US markets – Opensignal

Performance varied by market, but Opensignal's first fixed broadband study found some common threads – cable performed well on downloads, fiber led on uploads and FWA players were in the middle on many metrics.

Cox firms up mobile prices, expands coverage and preps 5G network

Cox Mobile expanded services across Louisiana, the Gulf Coast, Central Florida, Middle Georgia and Northern Virginia. The company also disclosed pricing and hinted at its 5G ambitions.

Cable ops worldwide in hot pursuit of virtual CMTS – Dell'Oro

An astonishing 100% of cable operators responding to a Dell'Oro Group survey say they have deployed or are planning to deploy a virtual cable modem termination system within the next 24 months.

Average monthly data usage nears half a terabyte as 1-Gig adoption climbs – study

Average data usage for Q3 2022 hit 495.5 gigabytes, up 13.9% versus the year-ago quarter, and the number of broadband subs taking speeds of 1 Gbit/s or more rose 35% year-over-year, according to OpenVault.

Altice USA hiring freeze covers most job areas

Hiring pause exempts 'customer-facing openings and very select other roles,' new Altice CEO Dennis Mathew told company leaders this week.

Comcast's multi-gig network upgrade to cost less than $200 per home passed

Update: Comcast confirmed that the cost figure cited by Chief Network Officer Elad Nafshi covers 'mid-split' upgrades, network virtualization and the eventual move to DOCSIS 4.0.

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