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Google TV Channels Jinni & Rovi

8:15 AM -- The Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) blog dropped the names of some other Google TV partners on Thursday, including one that's already well entrenched in cable, and another that would certainly like to be soon. (See Google TV Comes Out, the World Tunes In .)

Rovi Corp. , the one with a solid cable foothold, plans to bring its TotalGuide video navigation system to Google TV via the Android platform, according to a Rovi official. Rovi has also developed a service provider version of TotalGuide, but the Google TV connection marks the nav system's first deal from the consumer electronics side of the fence. (See Rovi Brings TotalGuide to Cable.)

Jinni Media Ltd. , a startup helmed by cable vet Mike Pohl, has also gotten in the door. It's on board to provide an app for Google TV that's designed to help users find premium video content based on "social recommendations" and viewer moods.

Jinni's blog has a few more details, including some screen shots of the app it has under development, including this one:

Jinni's been trying to gain traction in the pay TV industry. In addition to scratching out some technology integrations, Jinni has managed to impressed a bunch of cable engineers of late. However, it looks as if its first big break is coming by way of the mighty Google. (See Jinni Puts Cable Guys in the Mood , Jinni Locks In Its A Round , OpenTV, Jinni Team on Search, SeaChange, Jinni Team on VoD Search, and Jinni Partners With NDS.)

— Jeff Baumgartner, Site Editor, Light Reading Cable

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