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Cablevision Powers Up for ITV

1:05 PM -- Zodiac Interactive has at last revealed that Cablevision Systems Corp. (NYSE: CVC) is using the firm's "PowerUp" framework in all digital set-tops, setting the stage for scaled deployment of interactive television (ITV) apps that range from search, the MSO's on-screen program guide, and dedicated ITV channels. (See Cablevision Taps Zodiac For ITV .)

They're also working together on Cablevision's ambitious (and controversial) remote-storage DVR (RS-DVR), which is just starting to get off the ground. (See Cablevision RS-DVR Gets Limited Deployment and Court Resurrects Cablevision's Network DVR .)

The "framework," in this instance, involves a modular, open set of libraries and APIs that includes elements such as the graphics design engine, guide interfaces, and Enhanced TV Binary Interchange Format (EBIF) user agent. (See Zodiac Dials Up EBIF Plans .)

The aim here is to allow Cablevision to develop an applications baseline for deployed boxes, as well as new, more powerful set-tops as the MSO continues to launch interactive advertising, games, "t-commerce" products, and Web browsing apps. (See Samsung Boxes Break In at Cablevision and Cablevision Eyes T-Commerce Launch in 2010.)

Zodiac, by the way, has already completed some integration work with ActiveVideo , another Cablevision ITV partner. (See Zodiac Powers Up Cable Messaging Tech and ITV Hookups .)

As part of the agreement, Cablevision is also tapping into Zodiac's PowerUp Advanced Messaging Solution (AMS) software, which, they say, will allow the MSO to integrate Web and mobile apps with set-top boxes. (See Zodiac Touts Set-Top/Mobile Integration.)

— Jeff Baumgartner, Site Editor, Light Reading Cable

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