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TelcoTV: Telco TV Priorities

LeonardGrace 12/5/2012 | 3:52:34 PM
re: TelcoTV: Telco TV Priorities Phil, good job on securing great interviews with relevant insiders.

The Telco's are new to the video business, but have a great customer service history. They should leverage that history with customers by bringing innovative content to their pipelines. However, it has to be seamless with great applications that work all the time, and every time. Content acquisiton is key to offering a competitive landscape in the future. Comcast is obviously moving in that direction with it's NBCU bid. FIOS will have the long-term infrastructure platform. But, it is more than just having tremendous bandwidth and speed. It is the right applications and content which will "win the day". In my opinion, they have the CRM capabilities, but do they have the expertise to create a compelling video content infrastructure. The should get to work on securing the unique content.
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