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TelcoTV 2010: Pay TV Shows Multi-Screen Appeal

LAS VEGAS -- TelcoTV -- Heavy Reading analyst Adi Kishore will reveal the results of its 2010 consumer survey of pay-TV customers in the US today at noon Pacific Time in the Venetian hotel.

The survey, which again shows that consumers are price sensitive, above all else, this time found that consumers are indeed interested in a multi-screen video experience. Almost 10 percent of the survey respondents said they would like a service that allowed them to view shows and content outside the home -- via the Internet or mobile devices -- even at a price of $10 per month.

Why it matters
"This is really interesting, because $10 is a high price point," Kishore says. And as price sensitive as consumers are about pay TV generally, he says, this shows that if an operator can provide a differentiated service, it can stand out even in a market dominated by cable incumbents.

Kishore says that as long as the economic climate is challenging, price will continue to be the primary factor in whether consumers switch pay-TV providers and what pay-TV services they choose. "Price is never going to be less than No. 1," Kishore told Light Reading yesterday. "What matters here is the gap between price and everything else."

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— Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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