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Swisscom Launches IPTV

ZURICH -- Swisscom's Bluewin TV service offers 100-plus television channels , 70-plus radio channels, 500-plus top films (on demand), live sports coverage and up to 30 Teleclub channels. Users can search for programmes as well as record, program or pause a programme during transmission at the touch of a button. Customers are free to decide what to watch and when. All that's needed is a telephone line with broadband Internet access. Swisscom's launch of Bluewin TV is in line with the company's "Triple Screen" vision (television viewing on a television set, computer and mobile phone). Bluewin TV does not require a cable network connection and will be available from 1 November 2006.

Swisscom is no longer limiting its offerings to access and transport services such as broadband Internet, fixed-line or mobile communications. Its aim is to set new standards in the marketplace by offering integrated services. Bluewin TV is part of this new integrated product range and is turning Swisscom into a distributor of television and film content as well as a new challenger in the television market. The trend towards pure IP-based services is unstoppable. Swisscom is actively driving and supporting this innovative push in Switzerland. With the rollout of Bluewin TV, Swisscom is embracing a new technological trend that will change the consumption of television content.

Swisscom AG (NYSE: SCM)

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