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Readers: Motionbox Is M&A Bait

After the Google acquisition of YouTube was announced, our readers chimed in on a poll to tell us who they think will be the next video sharing property acquired as consumer-generated Internet video continues to generate big media interest.

Of those sites we listed, Motionbox was the favorite with 25 percent of the vote. VideoEgg, and blip.tv came in close behind with 21 percent each.

Granted, we probably won't see anything in the $1 billion-plus price range from that space again. And, it's worth noting that a full two-thirds of Light Readers who took our poll said Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) paid too much for YouTube.

Why did Google spend so freely? Almost half of our poll-takers, 48 percent, said YouTube's audience was the thing that gives it value. After all, the company claims to stream 100 million videos to users every day -- and that's a lot of real estate for Google to stick ads on. Twenty-nine percent said YouTube has "unique content," so clearly more drug testing is needed in telecom workplaces. (See Google on YouTube: It'll Ad Up .)

— Mark Sullivan, Reporter, Light Reading

American Indian 12/5/2012 | 3:36:57 AM
re: Readers: Motionbox Is M&A Bait

Hey LR -- do thye same poll for which fiber based carriers will be acquired next.

Level 3 seems to have the post position.
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