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Orckit's Next Trick

5:50 PM -- ANAHEIM, Calif. -- TelcoTV -- Orckit didn't make an announcment about its OV-100 statistical multiplexer, but officials are talking about it freely here at the show. It's a statistical multiplexer for DSL, a product being set up for 2009 launch.

In the cable world, a statmux tends to get used to squeeze more channels into a smaller-bandwidth pipe. Applying the concept to DSL, Orckit intends to juggle TV bandwidth among multiple households. Obviously, the setup is intended for fiber-to-the-node applications using DSL to reach houses.

Sitting in a central office or point of presence, the OV-100 assigns a bandwidth budget to each home as TV channels or other services get called up. It continually shifts bandwidth from one user to another as it's needed. This juggling gets done before the traffic even hits the DSLAM.

The idea is to use the available bandwidth more efficiently, theoretically making it possible to support more TV streams without having to upgrade the DSL network. There's no comparable kind of box on the market, at least not according to Orckit, but it seems as if it's going to compete with DSL-enhancing technology. (See AlcaLu Develops 'SmartDSL' and Valley Wonk: DSL Man.)

The OV-100 statmux is mentioned on Orckit's Web page here, and there's a PDF brochure for the box. It's in trials now (everybody says that, don't they?) with general availability expected in about a year, VP of marketing Sharon Mantin says.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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