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Neuf Digs User Video

NOON -- An interesting piece of news today from French alternative operator Neuf Cegetel Group (Euronext: NEUF), one of the world's biggest telco TV service providers. (See French Carriers Ramp Up IPTV Subs and Top Ten: IPTV Carriers.)

Neuf has created a new IPTV channel that consists purely of user-generated content from a video-sharing Website called Dailymotion. (See Neuf Adds UGC to IPTV .)

Not only is Neuf pushing the boundaries in terms of broadcasting such content over a dedicated, managed channel, but it has also come up with one of 2008's best phrases to date: "Anything that was not yet on the television is likely to get there."

Man, that's kinda deep...

— Ray Le Maistre, International TV Editor, Light Reading

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