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5:00 PM -- Welcome to the February 5 edition of Net Video Notes. Here are five stories that you should see before Happy Hour:

  • According to a Harris Poll, YouTube users are against the idea of pre-roll ads and would use the site less if they were implemented. Hmmm... People don't like ads. Who knew?

  • A new Heavy Reading reports suggest that sports might be the future of Internet video. Look for reports on weather and traffic to follow.

  • The European Union looks to make Internet video subject to the same regulations as traditional television. Goodbye, skateboarder falling off a rail. Hello, EastEnders.

  • Viacom orders YouTube to remove over 100,000 clips of Viacom copyrighted content which, until now, had been the only thing worth watching on that site.

  • There are many interesting niches of Internet video, according to people who spend all day surfing the Internet.

— Phil Harvey, Pro Bowl Alternate, Light Reading

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